What the Hell is H.A.L.A.? Why Should I Care?

Infographic Mailer

A mailer aimed at informing young and renting Seattle voters about Seattle’s Housing Affordability and Livability Act encouraging them to take action in local politics and control the conversation.

Note: Alongside Karen Cheng, I recently adapted this into a spread for Arcade Magazine. Scroll to view.

Seattle, 2018

Alright, what is H.A.L.A.?

The Goal

The prompt was to create some form of an infographic about Seattle Housing. Overwhelmed by the number of pressing and very real issues within that topic, I wanted to focus on what Seattle was doing to fix them and what people like me could do within local government to help. I fell quickly into researching H.A.L.A. and all its affiliated programs and devoted myself to the topic fairly early on. As I worked and learned more and more, I constantly changed my mind as to how I felt about it. Was it doing enough? Is this something that will only benefit a certain group of people? How come the only people talking about this are wealthy homeowners? Through this though, I saw in which the ways Seattle was trying to listen and adapt but saw a major gap in who actually cared. So this booklet is for people like me: young, confused renters who just don’t know why living in Seattle is so hard. Hopefully after they learned about H.A.L.A. from multiple angles they could decide for themselves how they felt, take action, and make Seattle listen to a different group.

Some Highlights

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