The Grind

An Exhibition About Sex

Created in collaboration with Alexis Bieda, Angela Piccolo, Jen Strong, and Eva Grate, The Grind is a pop-up coffee shop and exhibition on sex aimed at giving college students a newer, more inclusive and positive take on sexual education. Using the metaphor that safe and consensual sex is as easy as ordering coffee, we created a comfortable and conversational space covering subjects from consent to masturbation. Here at The Grind, we believe that everyone should be empowered to make sexual choices that make them feel good!

Seattle, 2018

The Space

The exhibtion takes place at a pop-up coffeeshop on “The Ave”, which is a major street and commercial area in the U-District with lots of food and shopping.

Sex should be...Consensual

Sex should be... Consensual is the first section a visitor sees as they walk in and look to the menu board to decide what drink they’d like to get. The ordering process has been created to mimic the process of consent—consent is as easy as ordering coffee! As the visitor is waiting for their drink, there are pamphlets and flyers on the counter to pick up and look through.

Sex should be...Protected

Sex should be... Protected is located inside the bakery case that would typically be filled with pastries. A selection of different contraceptives and barriers are on display along with information about them. This encourages people to get familiar with their options and learn more about how different methods work.

Sex should be...Positive & Fun

Sex should be... Positive & Fun is located to the right of the bar on a large wood-paneled wall. The content is split into four main categories: There is Nothing to be Ashamed of,  Sex is for All, Know Yourself, and Talk About It! Each of these categories addresses a different topic within sex positivity ranging from talking about various forms of sex, masturbation, and talking with your partner about what you like. Tying in with this content, on the shelf located on the pillar in front of this wall, are various sex toys for the visitors to learn about.

Sex should be...A Choice

Sex should be... A Choice is on the left wall in relation to the bar. The purpose of this section is to further discuss the idea of consent, especially the concept of ongoing consent and being able to say no at any point. This section also addresses the option to pursue abstinence.

Sex should be...A Conversation

Sex should be... A Conversation is to the left of the coffee bar by the condiments and Choice wall. The purpose of this section is to allow  visitors to ask any more questions they have about sex. Workers will pin the questins to the wall and they will be answered by a professional panel at a later event.




Throughout the month that the exhibit is up, The Grind will be holding weekly events that help further the education available in our space. A pamphlet will be sent out to dorms on UW campus to let people know about our space as they are moving onto campus. The pamphlet includes a brief overview of the exhibition and an event calendar.


My Contributions
 I was responsible for the general brand, the logo, a lot of the illustrations, the promotions, and the Positive Sex Wall.